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Customize Your Gilbert Gear with so many options to choose from...


Visit the TGS Sideline Store today :)


Shop the “Sideline Store—TGS’s e-commerce apparel site. We are the first middle/high school in the northeast to partner with LIDS Team Sports and Nike.

The Gilbert School, Nike, and LIDS Team Sports connect the honored traditions of TGS to the innovative digital retail age. Students, parents, sports fans, and alumni can purchase favorite products (including authentic Nike apparel) and add favorite Gilbert School logos. A portion of every sale supports our school, so the Sideline Store directly benefits our students.

This is not just for athletes. The Sideline Store provides the entire school and town community with 24/7 access to TGS merchandise. The website is powered by industry-leading, e-commerce technology, and run by a highly trained customer service team.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1) Pick your product; 2) Pick your color; and 3) Pick your favorite TGS logo. It ships to your front door in seven or fewer days.

Here are a few highlights of the new TGS, Nike, and LIDS Team Sports e-commerce program:

  • Shop online for your favorite TGS gear at
  • Find a full Nike apparel collection.
  • Choose from hundreds of Gilbert School logos, not just athletic logos.
  • Customize your TGS logo with names, numbers, and years.

The Gilbert School is thrilled to be one of the first schools in the entire country to offer you this new and exciting e-commerce program from Nike and Lids Team Sports!


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