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January 13, 2022



Attention all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors! Are you interested in the military? If so, you need to take the military's entrance exam, known as the ASVAB. You can take the ASVAB here at Gilbert on Feb. 8th at 8:00 am. To sign up, stop by Guidance or email your counselor.


Enjoy Gaming? Come put your skills to the test and take your team all the way to the state championship. This spring The Gilbert School will have League of Legends, Rocket League, Mario Kart, Madden, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros and Splatoon 2 esports teams. Check your email for the interest survey or see Shayne in IT for questions. This is for High School only!


Midterms: Important Information for Students 1/18-1/21 *Midterms count for 10% OF YOUR SEMESTER GRADE, which is basically a half of a quarter’s worth of work. *To pass a course, your yearly grade must be a 60. *You MAY NOT EXEMPT a midterm from a full year course (English, Math, etc.) *You must be PRESENT for all of your exams. In the event of an excused absence (which MUST BE CALLED IN THAT DAY BY PARENT/A MEDICAL NOTE BROUGHT IN THE NEXT DAY TO THE OFFICE). If your parent/guardian does not make a call if you are legitimately sick and you do not bring in a note the following day, you will receive a ZERO on the exam and it CAN NOT BE MADE UP. If approved, you can schedule a makeup with your teacher for when it fits their schedule. This may mean you make it up during another period or during our two allotted pm school days after school (20th & 24th). *You must be ON TIME for your exams. You will miss important directions and explanations from teachers on how to complete your exams; ARRIVE ON TIME!!!! Anyone arriving late, especially more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to make them up. If your makeup exam is approved through the process above, you must schedule a make up through your teacher. Your Yearly grade is calculated by the semester one and two grades getting averaged together. **Students must remain in the exam room for the entire two hour period. They may NOT leave once finished with an exam. Students should bring something to do when finished. They will NOT be dismissed after they finish an exam. The end of that exam period will be the ONLY time a student is dismissed. **NO LUNCH IS SERVED DURING EXAMS!


Project COVID DeteCT In collaboration with the Connecticut State Departments of Public Health and Education, The Gilbert School is participating in a unique no-cost, voluntary COVID screening program entitled Project COVID DeteCT for students in Grades 7-12. This program is funded through a federal grant to provide weekly screening and will not cost the district or family any money, nor will the family’s health insurance be charged for the screening services. The purpose of this letter is to ask your permission to regularly test your child at our school weekly. Regular screening testing is a safe effective way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help keep our schools open for in-person learning. Many people with COVID-19, especially children, don’t have symptoms but can still spread the virus, so regular screening helps find infections before they can spread to others. Programs like this will help us keep schools open and allow students to take part in the other activities they love. The Gilbert School is partnered with Quest Diagnostic Labs or Progressive Labs, LLC, which will be visiting the school on a predefined day and time each week. Students whose parents have signed the consent agreement for their child to be screened/tested each week will be brought to the screening testing room where technicians from the testing lab will assist the students with self-swabbing (or complete swabbing for those students who are unable to self-swab). The Q-tip swab is inserted into the lower nasal passage and twirled around in the student’s nostrils. This is not the “brain tickler” test that many people experienced during the early days of the pandemic. This process will take a short amount of time out of the learning day each week. Each swab is then taken by the lab technician to the lab and tested using the highest standard PCR molecular COVID test. Individual results will be provided to the parent’s school and DPH within 24-48 hours. The benefits of this program will allow us to: Keep students and staff safe: catch cases before they spread to other students and staff; Keep our schools open: prevent further time away from in-person learning and friends by knowing whether it’s COVID, a cold, or the flu; and Stop the spread: prevent infecting another member of your household or community. We hope to have many students participating in this screening program. A signed consent form will cover the duration of Project COVID DeteCT. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school nurse, Kelli Gilbert at 860-379-8521 X 1431 or