Shayne Deschamps
Class of 2015
´╗┐What have you done since graduating?: "I went to Northwestern Connecticut Community College for a semester before I departed and decided to put 40 hours a week unpaid into my internship at Gilbert. Once an Information Technology (IT) position opened up at the school, they hired me on.
I worked officially for the school for about six months before I left and went to where I work now, which is Datahal LLC in Canton. Nine months after I joined the team at Datahal, we took over the IT for Gilbert. Since then I have been acting as the IT Director for the school. I am also now one of the Residential Coordinators for the International Program."
What do you remember the most from your time at Gilbert?: "My time at Gilbert overall, I was only here for two years. I transferred here in my junior year from Coventry High School. At the time, transitioning from one school district to another was something I didn't want to do, but Gilbert made it a very easy transition especially when I realized how much of a great and caring environment this is."
"I remember from my time at Gilbert how caring and compassionate everyone at the school is. Also, how driven all of the faculty and staff are about helping students succeed in whatever it is that they want to do. I was not a good student by any means, but putting all of the academics aside they saw that I had skills in the IT field. So they helped me get an internship at the school, rather than sitting in classes wasting time or sitting in study halls. I was in the school's IT office learning real work skills."
Who were your favorite teachers and what were your favorite classes?: "When I was a student, Jason Crouch was here teaching the multimedia classes before Steve Hodges was. He was one of my favorite teachers, as well as all of those classes. I took every class that was taught in that realm with the graphics and video classes I took all within two years. This is something normally students spread throughout four years. I enjoyed being in there so much as well as Sam Zaprzalka. She was the one who moved forward, along with Mr. Strauss, and the IT department, at getting me my internship. She was and still is one of my favorite teachers that are here. I'm unsure of where I would be today if it wasn't for her and her assistance as a teacher."
Any other good memories?: "Pretty much my entire senior year. If I wasn't in class, I was in the IT office learning and having good times with the IT staff. We had a senior field trip to Six Flags when no one was there, and we didn't have any lines for any rides."
What advice would you give current students?: "Obviously right now we are in an incredibly tough time, with everything going on with COVID. My advice would be for everyone to keep their heads up and do what they have to do to get through these tough times. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.”