Shannon (Bailey) Centrella
Shannon with her husband Shane Centrella
and their dog Moose
Class of 2006
What have you done since graduating?: "I went to Western New England University in Springfield, Mass. I graduated with a Social Work Degree. For the next five or so years I worked in the nonprofit world working with teens and youths. I worked with people who are homeless, as well as underserved populations in Springfield and Hartford.”
“After I graduated I coached the Yellowjacket cheerleaders for six years. I also spent a few years working at St. Anthony School. Then I moved to San Diego, California where I taught yoga full-time. This past year both me and my husband Shane Centrella purchased my parent's store The Health Food Corner. We have been running that since March."
What do you remember the most from your time at Gilbert?:  "The close-knit community and the school spirit. I also remember the small town community type of feel of the school. It gives me chills to think about it because I love it so much."
Any good memories?: "The best friends I had at Gilbert are still my best friends today. Cheerleading was one of the highlights of my high school career. Just the experience of being part of the team and the competition, along with the energy and everything that goes along with it. I loved my art courses too. The memories that stick with me are the cheerleading ones, including being on the bus for basketball games or going to competitions."
What advice would you give current students?: "One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to say yes to the flow of life and to seek out opportunities, then go for it. I am super grateful for the time that I spent at Gilbert and for all of the people that I met there. It shaped who I am as a person. I think there is so much value in being in a high school like Gilbert."