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Health Office

Health Office Information

School Nurse: Kelli Gilbert, RN BSN


Phone: 860.379.8521

School Physicals

The State of Connecticut requires that all students have a physical examination performed with their primary care physician in 9th grade. If you have not scheduled your 9th grader for an examination, please do so. Physical Examinations are also required for any new student prior to school entry, including 7th graders. Health Assessment Forms are on the website, Health Office section.


Sports Physicals

 Sports physicals are required every 13 months. Sports physicals are required for students to try out for a sport.  Please make sure your athlete’s physical is up to date so they do not miss valuable playing time. Athletes who have asthma may self administer their inhalers on the field if the appropriate documentation in on file with the nurse. It is encouraged that an extra inhaler be kept with their coach during their sports seasons. Additionally, students with life threatening food or bee sting allergies should have their epipen with the coach at all times (with physician permission). If you need forms or information, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse at 379-8521 x1431 or


No medications are given in school without written authorization from a physician and parent/guardian. This includes over the counter medication. Medication administration forms are available on the website or from the school nurse. With the appropriate authorizations from the physician and parent, students may carry and self administer emergency medications such as asthma inhalers, Epipens for life threatening allergies, and insulin. Students may carry and self administer cough drops.

Medical Concerns

If your son/daughter has a medical issue that is new to the school, please contact the nurse so arrangements can be made to make your child’s school experience a healthy and safe one.

Energy Drink Advisory

There have been a number of students drinking energy drinks lately. These energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and taurine, which act as stimulants. Students have reported physical symptoms of headache, shakiness, dizziness, and insomnia. Teachers report that students who consume these drinks have difficulty focusing in the classroom. Consumption of energy drinks at school is strongly discouraged. Please take the time to discuss this issue with your son and daughter.

Husky Health Insurance

Husky insurance is available through the state of Connecticut if you meet certain income guidelines. Anyone with questions about eligibility should contact 1-877-CT-HUSKY or

FLU Season

Annual flu shots are recommended and are provided by your child's primary care physician. Reminding your child to cover their cough and the importance of good handwashing goes a long way in preventing colds and viruses from spreading. Proper nutrition and a good nights sleep also help in maintaining our immune systems.