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Graduation Policy & Requirements


Graduation Policy

The Board, working with the Administration, is responsible for maintaining the integrity of The Gilbert School diploma. The Board, represented by its chairman, will award a Gilbert diploma to only those students who have been verified by the Superintendent as having successfully completed the graduation requirements, thereby earning the honor of receiving a Gilbert School diploma.

Any member of the Board, whose son or daughter is in the graduating class, shall be given the opportunity to personally present that diploma, in lieu of the chairman.

To earn a Gilbert School diploma, a student must meet the graduation requirements that are determined by The Gilbert School and the State of Connecticut.

Additionally, to be eligible for a Gilbert School diploma:

A student who transfers into The Gilbert School must be in attendance for at least the entire second semester of his/her senior year, as a full-time student carrying at least six (6) full-time classes.

A student who withdraws from The Gilbert School, deficient necessary graduation credits, or a student who completes his/her senior year at The Gilbert School, deficient necessary graduation credits, must submit a written plan specifying the manner and timeline in which the deficient credits are earned. This plan should be approved by the Superintendent before it is implemented.

Note: Anyone over the age of twenty-one (21) will be responsible for all costs, including tuition, associated with attending The Gilbert School.


Graduation Requirements


Academic Credit Standards for the Class of 2023 and beyond

Successful completion of twenty-five (25) Carnegie Credits. These credits must include four (4) in English, three (3) in Mathematics, three (3) in Social Studies, three (3) in Science, one (1) in CTE, one (1) in  Physical Education, one  (1) in Health, one (1) in a Foreign Language and nine (9) in electives.