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May 24, 2019



 It is not to late for Scholarships -  Thursday, May 24th during Flex, Justine Arnold from Post University will be on campus to present to any interested Junior or Senior that wants to here about how its not to late to apply for college scholarships. The presentation will be in the library. Attendance will be sent out after students sign in.

TGS-FEST 2019!  Our Rock/Pop Concert FRIDAY MAY 24th @ 8:00 pm in the auditorium. Featuring...

NO SHAME (Sydney Eisenlohr-Vocals, Rob Reed-Guitar, Skyler Haworth-Bass, Parker Hyatt-Drums)

ACE (Gary Wu-Vocals/Keys, Alexis Ellis-Vocals, Bieber Lin-Guitar, Boe Chen-Bass, Murphy Ma-Drums, James Shi-Keys)

AMALGAMATION (Vic McMillian-Vocals/Guitar, Arriana Najman-Vocals/Guitar, Zach Kirsch-Guitar, Adam Pickert-Bass, Noah Yasmer-Drums)

GLENDALE (Dylan Zawisza-Vocals, Evan Jackson-Guitar, Sky Johnson-Guitar, Devon Scherer-Bass, Nate Johnson-Drums)

1st Annual Chicken Bingo Fundraiser-  May 24th at 7:00 pm before the rock concert. We will set up the Chicken Bingo field in the grass on the west side of the faculty parking lot.  Support the Gilbert girls Tennis team by buying tickets to Chicken Bingo!  Tickets are limited, see any Girls Tennis player or contact Coach Morgan for a ticket.  Tickets are $10.00 each.  The last three digits on your ticket is your square number on the Bingo board.  A chicken will be released onto the Bingo board. The Bingo board is divided into equal sized numbered squares.  The winner will be the owner of the square where the chicken plops first. That person will win 20% of the pot.  All squares around the winning square will also win an equally divided 20% of the pot.  If all the squares are sold, the winner could take home $512.00!!!

Chicken Bingo Details

Driver Education Program - The EdAdvance Driver Education Program offers a variety of instruction courses designed to prepare students to complete their CT-DMV road test.  More information is  available in the Guidance office or at

Tea with the AP Tea with the AP - Are you in grades 9 through 12? Do you want your voice to be heard? Do you have opinions on high school policies and culture? Do you have ideas to share? Would you like a direct line to Miss Lewis? Here is you chance! Have tea with the AP every 1st Friday of the month in the Guidance Conference room during FLEX. Light refreshments will be served. Sign up in the High School Office.