Middle School English program:

Our middle-school program consists of a 7th grade literature and writing rich curriculum which revolves around our 7th grade literature course and an accompanying Language Arts course. This provides students with a double-block of literacy every day to reinforce the skills necessary to master reading and writing at the middle school level and beyond. Our 8th grade curriculum builds upon this foundation with an intense focus on the implementation of common core standards in order to aid students to become better readers, writers, and thinkers to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  

High School English program:

The English Curriculum is a four-year sequential program required of all students for graduation. English competency grows as students read extensively, listen analytically to others, speak with clarity, and organize their own thoughts through the writing process. Each year is designed to promote growth in the various forms of written and oral expression, as well as shape an appreciation of different genres of literature through careful reading and critical analysis. The studies of vocabulary, grammar, as well as literature are incorporated into the curriculum.

  Our program aligns with the common core and extensively prepares students for career readiness, college readiness and above all reinforces 21st century skills needed in the workplace and for college/university study.

The high school curriculum begins with Freshmen World Literature which builds upon the foundations of literary analysis, literary terminology, formal essay writing, and personal reflection. The Sophomore Early American Literature

(American Studies I) and Junior Modern American Literature (American Studies II) courses follow a thematic approach designed to help students appreciate historical context within literary works all while fine-tuning writing and reading skills and mastering all facets of writing. These two courses are linked with their History department counterparts in order to provide historical, social, and cultural connections within the chosen American Studies themes.   The Senior World Literature course is an examination of the development of the literature starting with ancient Babylonian texts transcending through the Renaissance and culminating with a critical analysis of modern pieces. Students have the opportunity to experience Advanced placement offerings in both AP English Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition as well as a developing elective base including drama offerings, interdisciplinary coursework, genre- specific writing courses , and other courses expected to be forthcoming.



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