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Athletic Director Patrick Cooke '89 is in his 4th year of leadership of the athletics department. Mr. Cooke is a National Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association (NIAAA) registered athletic administrator and is currently pursuing certification as a certified athletic administrator with sights set on becoming a certified master athletic administrator. 

The objectives of the Gilbert Athletics Department are directly aligned with those of the NIAAA and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC):

  • To promote professional standards, practices and ethics within the athletic administration and coaching communities.
  • To encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement
  • To improve performance by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional growth and development
  • To identify levels of educational training essential for effective athletic administration and coaching
  • To foster professional contributions to the field
  • To maximize the benefits received by the school community from the leadership provided by certified athletic administrators and coaches


The Gilbert School employs 33 coaches along with many volunteers in a variety of different sports.  Regardless of whether they are paid coaches or volunteers assistant, 100% of our coaches are properly certified with the necessary coaching credentials as defined by the CIAC and the State Department of Education. These credentials include:

  • A 5-yr CT coaching permit (or a 1 year temporary emergency certificate)
  • Up-to-date CPR and 1st Aid certification
  • Concussion Training
  • Every 5 years, a coach must take at least 15 credit hours of coaching education.

Professional Development

The Berkshire League, in coordination with the Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors (CAAD), and the CIAC, offer coaching education modules, free of charge, to all the coaches of the Berkshire League.  This year, for the first time, the athletic director of The Gilbert School is a certified instructor to teach these modules and will be offering new and updated coaching education modules as an ongoing effort to provide professional development to its coaching staff.  The athletics department has also begun the initiative to improve its coaching staff by generating awareness of national certification through the NFHS and the leadership training courses offered by the NIAAA.  

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