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Timothy Cronin 
Timothy Cronin, Director of the International Program

Director of the International Program 

Timothy Cronin is the Director of the International Program and oversees all aspects of its general and day-to-day functions. Tim holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science/Business Management, and has worked in the field of admissions for over five years. 

In the inaugural year of the program, Tim recruited 32 international students, bringing in a high caliber of worthy students. His efforts have led to an exceptional international program that continues to expand exponentially each year, with 85 students expected during the 2016–17 school year.

Tim spends much time traveling to countries around the world. He helped to set up sister schools in China, Italy, and the UK, and traveled to Europe and South America to further diversify the program. Tim works closely with Dr. Anthony Serio, Head of School, in coordinating the International Program.

Tim works closely with Dr. Anthony Serio, Head of School, in coordinating the International Program.

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Dr. Anthony Serio, Ed.D., Head of SchoolAnthony Serio, Ed.D.

Head of School

Dr. Anthony Serio has worked in the field of education in Massachusetts and Connecticut for over 40 years. 

Dr. Serio led the establishment of the International Program at The Gilbert School, with an emphasis on 21st century skills, project-based learning, and technology. Students apply what they learn in the classroom to projects that they develop with their classmates and teachers. Collaboration and teamwork with students from around the globe offers opportunies for real-world problem solving, the application of critical thinking skills, and authentic assessments through project-based learning.

Dr. Serio worked as a science and advanced math teacher and became a counselor/psychologist through his studies at Boston College where he attained his master’s degree and certificate of advanced education studies. He completed his doctoral studies in education at The University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He entered administration as a director of special education and advanced to the position of superintendent of schools. He has spent over 30 years guiding school districts in the reforming and restructuring of their educational practices.

A lifelong advocate for children and education, Dr. Serio heads a team of dedicated administrators, faculty, and staff to bring rigorous standards, differentiated instruction, authentic assessment, and project-based learning to all students of The Gilbert School.

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Debra LaRoche

Dean of AdmissionsDebra LaRoche, Dean of Admissions

Debra LaRoche is the Dean of Admissions and assists the Director of the International Program in the admissions process, including interviewing and accepting international students. She is a student-centered individual who has worked in the admissions field for over thirty years. Debra's passion is connecting with students and their families. She prepares the students for American life and helps them obtain and organize the necessary documents to begin classes at The Gilbert School.

Throughout her many years in the field of education, Debra has traveled the state, giving motivational presentations to high school students about college and career planning. In addition to being each student's first contact person, she also helps the Dean of Student Life to match students with local homestay families or with house parents in W.L. Gilbert Trust dormitories.

Debra's goal is to make sure students are comfortable and ready to make a smooth transition to their new homes in Winsted, Connecticut, USA.

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Carissa Mastroianni, Dean of Student Life

Carissa Mastroianni

Dean of Student Life

 Carissa Mastroianni has worked in the field of education for eight years and started her career in the higher education sector. Carissa manages all aspects of international student housing, school trips, and student conduct. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

In her position, Carissa locates homestay families for our international students as well as managing W.L. Gilbert Trust homes for the students. She is a liaison between the school faculty and staff, homestay and Residential Coordinators, and students. Carissa is in charge of new student orientation as well as homestay family and Residential Coordinator orientations. She has developed homestay and student program guides as well as policies and procedures for our international student homes.

She works closely with Michelle Myers, Assistant Director of Student Life, to plan trips for our international students and ambassadors. Carissa traveled with Dr. Serio, Head of School, and Timothy Cronin, Director of International Admissions, to Europe to represent the international program. In addition, Carissa traveled to China with Mr. Hicks and the girls' basketball team in April 2015.

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Michelle Cundiff  
Michelle Cundiff, Assistant Director of Student Life

Assistant Director of Student Life 

Michelle Cundiff manages on-campus student housing by working directly with students and residential coordinators to ensure an enriching environment and successful American experience.

She works with Carissa Mastroianni to facilitate summer camp programs, organize student trips, help with the student ambassador program, and organize student trips to Boston, New York, and throughout the entire Connecticut area.

Michelle holds a Master of Education with an emphasis in higher education administration and a Bachelor of Public Relations. She has been part of the student and campus life field for seven years.

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Tim Cronin, Director 

Debra LaRoche, Dean of Admissions

Carissa Mastroianni, Dean of Student Life

Michelle Cundiff, Assistant Director of Student Life

Contact the Admissions Office:

1-860-379-1245, ext. 205 (phone)
1-860-379-6163 (fax) (email)

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