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Oliver Wolcott Tech Application Instructions 2020-2021


Oliver Wolcott Tech Application Instructions 

-How to Apply:

-The application is online and can be accessed at

-Click on the first blue Apply button to enter the application-it will ask you to create an account in order to complete the application

-All applications are due by January 4th, 2021- First offers of acceptance will be given to all students who meet this deadline

-You can still apply after January 4th, but all initial acceptance offers will be given to students who apply by January 4th-make sure you apply on time if you are really interested in attending Tech for next year!

-Information Tech looks at for acceptance:

-A completed application submitted by January 4th, 2021

-Attendance record for last year and this year

-Statement of Interest-this is done by you, the student

-One Letter of Recommendation 

-Discipline record

-Successful promotion to 8th grade (i.e.-getting good grades in all of your classes)

-Letter of Recommendation:

-You need to ask for one letter of recommendation from a non-family member

-This can be your school counselor, a teacher, a club leader (inside or outside of school), a coach (inside or outside of school), the parent of someone you might babysit for, etc

-Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to ask for this letter, as it will take time for the adult to write-if you wait until the last minute, the adult may not have time to help you and you may not be able to complete the application by January 4th

-Getting Accepted:

-Mid February, Tech will send letters directly to you if you have been accepted-it is your responsibility to let them know by March if you want to continue with the application process

-Mrs. Kutz will then be asked to provide Tech with further information such as grades, attendance records, discipline, etc

-You will not be given final acceptance until you pass 8th grade and all other information Mrs. Kutz provides to Tech is reviewed

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Kutz at