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Letter home to Parents, Guardians, and Students - Food Services Program


Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

Welcome back to School Year 2020-2021. Hoping this informational letter finds you all doing well and staying healthy. 

Beginning September 8, 2020 The Gilbert School Lunch Program will be back on the National School Lunch Program. We will not be participating in the CEP (Community Eligibility Program for free lunches for all students). The reason for this, is that The Gilbert School does not have enough Direct Certified Students attending, and we were unable to reach the percentage to make it feasible for the Lunch Program. With this being said, it is very important that every household fill out a new Eligibility Application for Free & Reduced lunch and breakfast, no later than October 1, 2020. You can go to  print off an application, fill it out, and then you can mail it to: The Gilbert School, Food Services, 200 Williams Avenue, Winsted, CT 06098, or send it in with your child on the first day of school. A new application must be filled out every school year. Once approved a letter will be sent home letting you know if your child/children were eligible for free, reduced, or if they were denied for over income. For students who are on the State Direct Certified list for free & reduced, those families will be getting a letter sent home stating that your child/children are on the list. 

When the students return to school on September 8, 2020 lunch will look very different from what they were used to.  Students will be offered two choices; they will be able to choose a hot lunch or a cold lunch. All lunches will be pre packed into Grab – N – Go containers. There will be no self-serve. 

Students at school lunch service:

  • Will be in the cafeteria sitting at desks for safe distancing

  • There will also be outdoor seating available, while weather permits

  • Students will enter through the entrance door only

  • Tables will be set up in the service area with lunches

  • Students will grab which lunch they prefer for that day

  • Once the student has everything they need they will proceed out one of the two doors to the register

  • Students will need to have their face masks on at all times, unless they are eating or drinking

  • Once lunch has ended students will exit through the door to the black top outside and proceed to the main entrance of the school

Students who will be Distance Learning:

  • Lunch for Distance Learning students will be Curbside Pick-up

  • Lunch will be available for pick-up Monday thru Friday starting at 10:30 AM and ending at 12:30 PM

  • Distance Learning Students will be offered the same choices as in school students

  • There will be a check off list to determine how many lunches are served

  • Each student will grab their lunch and proceed to a Food Service Staff to check off their name

  • Students will be coming to the main entrance of the school for lunch pick-up

  • There will be lines on the ground determining safe distancing

  • Face masks must be worn at all times

Lunch Payments:

  • Food Services is trying to go hands free as much as possible 

  • Please go to K12 Payment Center and deposit money into your child/children’s accounts

  • Go to   click on payments and it will bring you to the K12 Payment Center button, click on that and you will be directed to K12 Payment Center.

  • If you do not have an account, all you need is your child’s 5-digit ID number to set one up

On this new website you will also find:

  • Lunch and Breakfast menus

  • Wellness Policy

  • Nutritional Information

  • This letter

  • Any changes that are going to be made before they are made

  • Fun Facts (etc.)

It will be a big change this year, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Lynn Metcalf and I will try to answer all of them the best I can. You can reach me at (860) 738-9304 or

All the Best,

Lynn Metcalf
Director of Food Services