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Gilbert Students Get Prepared for Careers


Last month, students in Samantha Seiler’s Career Explorations class learned about part of the hiring process for jobs through mock interviews. The students were interviewed in the Gilbert School’s library by a panel of interviewers made up of Gilbert teachers and administrators. Each student dressed up as if they were applying for a job and fielded questions from the panel. Questions included how each interviewee would accomplish multiple tasks going on at the same time, how they have handled negative feedback in the past, and how they contributed previously to a team effort.

Ms. Seiler, a business teacher, explained that these are all questions that employers would ask potential employees in the real world.
“We want to give the students the feeling of actually being in a job interview,” Ms. Seiler said. “For some of these students, they have never been on an actual job interview before. So it’s great for them to get this real-life experience before they get into the real world.”
Ms. Seiler said that the mock interviews are just one part of the class, which also includes learning about cover letters, job applications, soft and hard skills, and many other skills to help students get ready to work in the real world. The class also includes a work-study component where students can earn credit for working outside of school or for internships.  “I think my students have done very well,” Ms. Seiler said. “My students will be able to take the skills that they’ve learned with them into the real world and be prepared for it. I hope this class will steer them to the right career path. Some of these students are still unsure of what they want to do with a career, but at least this class will steer them in the right direction of where they want to be.”