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A message to The Gilbert Community


January 8, 2021

To Our Gilbert Community:

I have been thinking about our students, their families and our staff during these times of uncertainty. We have had twelve months of ongoing concerns. It was about this time last year that we began to hear about the coronavirus in Asia. We watched its spread into Europe and then North America and the United States, its announced pandemic-the first in one hundred years. The resulting disruption to the education of our children has taken its toll, as it has on our way of life. We saw people near and dear to us stricken by the virus. We have seen the return of COVID-19 this autumn as predicted and now hear of its variant strain.

We witnessed demonstrations this past spring and summer. We have experienced a presidential election and its aftermath that has produced an array of emotions. Each of the items mentioned has taken its toll on all of us, physically and emotionally. If we need anything at this point, it is to be there for each other in support of one another. We must realize that our children need us to try to sort out all that has gone on over the past twelve months and assist them in making sense of all of it so they may learn from this chapter in our history. Our students, your children, are our future and we must guide them through these times and the times ahead of us. As an educator and parent, I know it is my greatest responsibility to assist our young people. Let us all work together on a common goal, educating our young and helping them through the myriad of feelings so they can go forth as a new generation of leaders.

Anthony Serio, Ed.D.

Head of School/Superintendent