Melissa (Jones) Appleby
Class of 2004
What have you done since you graduated?
"I attended Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where I majored in History and played on the women's basketball team. After graduating in 2008, I moved to Brooklyn, New York. During that time, I took part in a year of service with AmeriCorps, working as a volunteer coordinator with the nonprofit Girls Inc. of New York City.
After working in a few short-term positions, including a field organizer on a congressional campaign in upstate New York and as a project manager with the New York City Department of Education, I returned to Connecticut and attended the University of Connecticut's Department of Public Policy. I received my Masters Degree in Public Administration in 2013. Since then, I have held positions in local government management in Lexington, MA, and Greenwich, CT. I currently work as the deputy town manager in Simsbury where I live with my husband, Leigh, and our 8-month old son Max."
What do you remember from your time at Gilbert?
"All of our traditions such as Homecoming weekend, the Thanksgiving Day football game, our legendary teachers, and their memorable assignments. I loved growing up in a small town and attending a small high school where everyone knew each other and you could feel like you were a part of something special."
What lessons from Gilbert have you applied to the real world?
"Sports were such a huge part of my high school experience. I played on the volleyball and basketball teams, and being a part of those teams taught me so much about hard work, discipline, commitment, and teamwork. Some of my happiest memories from Gilbert are of time spent on and off the court with my teammates." 
What advice would you give to current students at Gilbert?
"Allow yourself to explore as many areas of interest as you can. Through classes, extracurricular activities, and volunteer opportunities, use your time in high school to gain exposure to everything you are passionate about or interested in learning more about. This will help you develop a well-rounded high school experience, and it will prepare you for the next step in your journey after you leave Gilbert."