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 Emotions run high at graduation for class of 2019
Gilbert School Graduation 2019

It was an emotional night for 119 Gilbert School graduates, their parents, friends, and family during the school’s graduation ceremony on June 14. It was the 124th graduation ceremony for the school and the ceremony was filled with nostalgia, stories, and good memories about the class of 2019. Class President Abby Corso started the event off by reflecting on her time at The Gilbert School. “Although I have been known as a shy and quiet girl who lived in the shadow of her older sister, I wanted to change that when I got in high school,” Corso told the audience. “This is something that Gilbert allowed me to do. The school allowed me to sign up for many classes in order to create a pathway for myself. During the last four years, I took every opportunity that came my way, whether it was extracurricular or academic. The influential experience I had during my time here was being the student ambassador for the international program. I had opportunities to participate in incredible activities while learning about international student cultures. I learned about the meaning of the Chinese Moon Festival while introducing international students to the tradition of Thanksgiving. My time at Gilbert has truly been an incredible journey.”

Gilbert School graduation 2019

Gilbert School graduation 2019

In her speech, Salutatorian Ashley Tran said she was thankful for the school’s teachers and administrators in helping them over the years.
“While we were not the best students at times, we all could not be more grateful for the teachers and administrators for being our mentors, and for helping us to grow and guide us in the right direction,” Tran said. “To the Gilbert faculty: Not only were you our teachers, our coaches, and our mentors, you were also our friends. You invested your time and your energy in many of our sporting events, our giveaways, our car washes and many of our community service acts, and some of our award ceremonies. For some of us, these opportunities to perform in a play, or participate in a non-recreational sport, or to serve on a committee is a once in a lifetime experience. Having a large and supportive administration is something to cherish. In the past four years, you have watched us flourish and leap over obstacles we never thought we would get over. But here we are. You have helped us in so many ways to grow up into individuals inside of the classroom. We have used our new found knowledge not only to benefit ourselves but also others. Thank you for all that you have done.”

In In his speech, Valedictorian Augustus Pac spoke about the uniqueness of each member of 2019. “While attempting to write this speech and emphasizing the shared values between all of us, it became evident that we all don't follow the same sports, listen to the same music or share the same hobbies,” Pac said. “But there is one common value: Every person in this class embraces their ability to be unique. However, this class had the crucial ability to unite when it was important. In addition to basking in the subtleties of life, these times gave us the opportunities to explore our own minds and to realize what we can do to contribute to Gilbert, which has given us so much. Perhaps this is the reason why that, in the face of such economic and political uncertainty, a period where progress in every aspect seems to have halted, our generation finds a way to keep moving forward. From this point on, we will dedicate ourselves to following our dreams. We'll start accepting and celebrating our differences secure in the fact in our originality. To this class of 2019: I am confident that you will continue through life as an extraordinary individual. I know you will never be persuaded to walk with the majority.”

Gilbert School graduation 2019

2019 Gilbert School graduation ceremony
“The class of 2019 is made up of amazing individuals,” Gilbert School Principal Susan Sojka said in her speech. “When you combine them, they become greater than the sum of their parts. The group in front of you has created greatness and will leave a lasting impression on The Gilbert School forever. Whether they have been here for six years, or a short time, they have come together to create a class that without a doubt has earned the title the class with the most school spirit and pride The Gilbert School has seen in years. What does it mean to have the most school spirit and pride? Is it just knowing how to execute the roller coaster at basketball games? Winning at the tug of war at pep rallies? School spirit and pride is in many ways at the heart of a school. It fosters a sense of belonging among students and staff. A strong sense of spirit makes people feel invested in their school. This makes them happier and motivated to work harder and help each other out. It celebrates successes and creates a sense of togetherness."

“The class of 2019 has shown their school spirit both in and out of the classroom. Has their time at Gilbert always been rainbows and butterflies, fun and easy? Absolutely not. They have overcome adversity, challenges, death, addiction, meanness, and disappointment. Some of them had PM school, Saturday schools, suspensions, and a few lectures about doing the right thing. Maneuvering through high school is not easy. The difference with the class of 2019 is that no matter what challenges they faced, they did so head on and together. They are resilient, creative, kind, compassionate, talented and resourceful.” Gilbert School Graduation 2019