David Castillo
Class of 2019
What have you done since you graduated?
"Currently, I am studying Business Administration at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.In addition to being a college student, I have my own mobile automotive detailing business called "Well Done Detailing". I am also aiming to get my real estate license in the near future."
What do you remember from your time at Gilbert?
"I remember how helpful the staff and the administrative team were when I was at the school. I also remember the lunch ladies because they were very cool people. They all helped me throughout my time at Gilbert and they made things a lot easier for me. For me, the whole high school journey was amazing. Most of my family went to Gilbert and for me to go there was a great experience.
Gilbert has enabled me to see different perspectives on life and has influenced me to help the community. Everyone knows each other at Gilbert and it's a very kind place."
What lessons from Gilbert have you applied to the real world?
"I've learned how to be charismatic. When I started working at the school’s office, it helped me to learn how to communicate with others". 
What advice would you give to current students at Gilbert?
"If you would like to go to college, I recommend taking some college classes in high school first so you can get some credits early in order to save some time"