Alumna of the Week
Carrie Stetson
Class of 1989
The Railway Cafe, which will open soon at 580 Main Street in Winsted,
is owned by Carrie (Crossfield) Stetson.
From left: Carrie Stetson's daughter Piper, her husband Leon, adopted daughter Nicole Crossman, Carrie Stetson, and her son Ben.
What have you done since you graduated?:
"I spent twenty three years working at Highland Acres, a nursing facility in Winsted as a cook. It feels like I have been a cook forever. I raised my children in Winsted where I have lived all of these years.

After Highland acres closed down, I worked at Northwestern Connecticut Community College at their bookstore, but I realized that I really missed cooking so I accepted a positon as a cook at GEER Village Senior Living Community in Canaan. I stayed there for two years, and then I took over GEER's Railroad Cafe. They had the cafe available and GEER asked me if I wanted to run it. 

When the Covid pandemic hit, GEER was mostly shut down so we couldn't operate the cafe. Eventually, I decided to move the cafe to Winsted, which is where we will reopen this month."
Stetson's cinnamon buns, just one of many baked good offerings she plans to offer at the Railway Cafe. 
What do you remember from your time at Gilbert?:
"I still have very close friends from that time. I stayed in Winsted because it's a nice hometown. I can't imagine living anywhere else. We decided this is where we would raise our family."

Do you have any other family members who also attended Gilbert?:
"Yes, my brother Scott Crossfield who graduated in 1991, my two daughters, Nicole Crossman, and Piper Stetson, both graduated in 2014, and my son Ben graduated in 2020."
Stenson's Homemade S’mores Cookies
What lessons from Gilbert did you apply to the real world?:
"That if you work hard, things will come together."

What advice would you give current students?:
"Just work hard and keep at it. Eventually, everything will work out."