Brooke Louis
Class of 2011
What have you done since you graduated?
"I went to the University of Hartford after I graduated. Originally, I was studying Physical Therapy, but eventually changed to Health Science and became a substitute teacher. I eventually realized that I wanted to be a teacher.
I earned my Masters Degree at the University of Bridgeport in Science Education. Presently, I work at Gilbert!"
How does it feel to be working at the same school you graduated from?
"It's weird, but it's also nice. My classroom is the same classroom where I sat in ninth grade and took Physical Science. I was literally in the students' shoes, so I can imagine exactly how they feel and what they go through because I was in their same position."
What do you remember from your time at Gilbert when you were a student?
"I remember being with my friends. My graduating class had only 56 students in it, so every student in the grade knew each other. Everybody was friends with each other. We did not have different groups. Everyone did everything together."
What lessons from Gilbert did you apply to the real world?
"Not being afraid to try new things, because high school is the time where you can try things, and see what you can do. There were classes at Gilbert that I took that involved what I thought I would do in life. For example, I took marketing, and it was one of my favorite classes. But it wasn't what I ended up going to school for or studying further. The things that I learned in those classes were some of the most important things to me because they had some of the most important lessons I could apply to my life."
What advice would you give current students?
"Try as many things as you can in your high school classes. Do not be afraid to change your mind about things. It is important to learn many different lessons in high school, because in the future, whether you go to college or go straight to a career, you already have many experiences and have learned many lessons. These experiences will benefit you and put you ahead of everyone else."