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Middle School Winter Sports Announcements

The winter is quickly approaching and our athletic teams are getting geared up for the start of another sports season.  Available sports are boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball and cheerleading/dance. All student-athletes need to meet the following requirements in order to participate:

  • Registration in Family ID (found on the TGS website under Athletics) for the appropriate winter sport, Middle School Boys Basketball, Middle School Girls Basketball, or Middle School Cheerleading/Dance.  STUDENT-ATHLETES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT REGISTERING IN FAMILY ID.
  • An up-to-date Physical Exam Form (blue form). If a student-athlete has not had a physical in the last 13 months, they will be allowed to watch but not participate until a current physical is on file. Student-athletes needing physicals should see their own doctor. Blue forms can be found in the main office, the nurses’ office or in the athletics office here at Gilbert. Again, STUDENT-ATHLETES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT A CURRENT PHYSICAL and APPROVAL FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE.
  • The first day of practice for MS boys is Wednesday, December 4th at Pearson School at 4:45 pm.
  • The first day of practice for MS girls is Wednesday, December 4th at Pearson School at 3:30 pm.
  •  The first day of practice for Cheerleading/dance is Monday, December 9th at Gilbert. 
  •  All student-athletes should come prepared with the appropriate footwear and workout gear.  Individual coaches will provide more details about season schedules and expectations as the season commences. 
  • All boys’ and girls’ basketball student-athletes will need to go home from school before going to practice and secure their own transportation back to Pearson. 
  • Student-athletes are to arrive at Pearson School for practice no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time and are to report directly to the gym upon arrival.
  • Please use the entrance at the rear of the parking lot near the band room.  Do NOT go see teachers in the building from previous years.
  • Pick up after practice/home games will be at Pearson School.
  • Pick up after away games will be at the Gilbert School.


All Middle School winter sports schedules have been published on the CIAC website and on the TGS website under Middle School Sports.