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Gilbert Athletics Spectator Reminder:

We offer a friendly reminder that all spectators attending any of our spring games are asked to properly social distance themselves from non family members and wear a mask. The Student-Athletes and the Gilbert school greatly appreciate all of our parents who attend the games and we want you to continue attending.

We hope to review our current spectator policy in May to possibly allow visiting team parents to attend competitions. We can only do that if the current COVID policies are being followed. 

Thank you for supporting your athletes and the Athletics program at The Gilbert School. We look forward to seeing you at the games. 

Buck Morgan
Athletic Director
The Gilbert School

Gilbert athletics began a modified winter sports season on January 19th, 2021. Boys and Girls Basketball will have a twelve game season with the first contest on eight February. Indoor track will practice in hopes that conditions will allow for meets to begin in March. Winter cheer will continue with a season of Static Cheer. They can not do any stunting or mat work and they must maintain proper social distancing and like all winter athletics, they must always wear a mask. 

Notice on Covid-19 impact on Gilbert Athletics:  On March 13, 2020 The Gilbert School was closed and our students began experiencing what distance learning was like. On that same day, all athletic events and practices were put on hold. We here at The Gilbert school, our Superintendent, Principal, and the CIAC are making every effort to make our 2020/2021 athletics as normal as possible. Be assured that every decision is made with the health and safety of our students, staff, and family members being foremost on our minds. Stay informed on the most recent events by frequently visiting The Gilbert school Website and following our Facebook page.

The Gilbert School serves grades 7th through 12th and participates in Class S (Small School) interscholastic competition in the state of Connecticut. We offer 18 different sports programs at the high school level and nine different athletics opportunities at the middle-school level.

The Gilbert School is a member of the Berkshire League in which all interscholastic programs, except for football, compete in both regular season and post-season tournaments against nine other member schools. The football program is involved in a co-op with neighboring school Northwestern Regional High School. This program is branded with the name GN Football and competes in the Pequot Football Conference, a league comprised of 18 teams across the state. This co-op has been in existence for over 10 years and in the last four years, has finished near the top of the Pequot Conference, making it to the state semifinals, for example, in 2010. In 2013, GN Football took home the Pequot West Conference Championship.

Each season, roughly 35 to 40 percent of the student population is involved with an interscholastic athletics program, which does not include band, chorus or theater and drama. Overall, throughout the year, nearly 70 percent of the student body participates in an athletics program.


Spectator guidelines

Here are the current Berkshire League School spectator policies. I highly suggest you contact the school before a game to see if they have any changes. I will post any changes they give us. Currently Gilbert spring sports can only allow two parents per athlete at any events. Those parents must be from the same household as the student-athlete. We can not allow any of the away team spectators or any students or children. As the season progresses this may change, depending on how the COVID pandemic progresses. — Athletic Director Buckley W. Morgan II

Berkshire league spectator guidelines

Super Supporters!!!

Super Supporters and Camermen!

Tim Gaffney of Litchfield County Sports and Mike Kurtz on the camera covering our Cooperstown trip.​

Mike Kurtz and Bill Richmond providing coverage for game.​

Mike Kurtz and Bill Richmond providing coverage for game.​