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The Gilbert School serves grades 7th through 12th and participates in Class S (Small School) interscholastic competition in the state of Connecticut. We offer 18 different sports programs at the high school level and nine different athletics opportunities at the middle-school level.

The Gilbert School is a member of the Berkshire League in which all interscholastic programs, except for football, compete in both regular season and post-season tournaments against nine other member schools. The football program is involved in a co-op with neighboring school Northwestern Regional High School. This program is branded with the name GN Football and competes in the Pequot Football Conference, a league comprised of 18 teams across the state. This co-op has been in existence for over 10 years and in the last four years, has finished near the top of the Pequot Conference, making it to the state semifinals, for example, in 2010. In 2013, GN Football took home the Pequot West Conference Championship.

Each season, roughly 35 to 40 percent of the student population is involved with an interscholastic athletics program, which does not include band, chorus or theater and drama. Overall, throughout the year, nearly 70 percent of the student body participates in an athletics program.

Have a great summer!


This has been an amazing year with many new experiences for all of us. We managed to get through the school year with competitions in every sport except football and wrestling. Considering the way the year started I am very happy that we did as much as we had. Football is already ramping up for this fall. They have been doing strength training and will enter into the summer months working heavily on conditioning. Girls Soccer is also planning  conditioning through the summer. They will be ready for fall when it gets here.


The middle school completed a successful softball and baseball season this spring under the guidance of their athletic Director, Mr. Harbach. Mr. Harbach has been the Middle school Athletic Director since before middle school came up here to Gilbert. He started in the 2006-2007 school year at Pearson. He has also been a coach for many of those years. After fifteen years he has decided that he would make this his last year as the Middle School AD and coach. His presence will definitely be missed by our athletes and fellow coaches and I am very appreciative of all the support he has provided me over this last year. If you see him in the halls or about town, please thank him for all the time and energy he has given to our kids as their coach and AD over the last fifteen years. Thank you Charley Harbach


Thank you for supporting your athletes and the Athletics program at The Gilbert School. We look forward to seeing you this fall. 

Buckley W. Morgan II 
Athletic Director
The Gilbert school


Super Supporters!!!

Super Supporters and Camermen!

Tim Gaffney of Litchfield County Sports and Mike Kurtz on the camera covering our Cooperstown trip.​

Mike Kurtz and Bill Richmond providing coverage for game.​

Mike Kurtz and Bill Richmond providing coverage for game.​