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Maryann Reynolds - Former Faculty

Maryann Reynolds

Former Faculty


Maryann Reynolds, March 2020: Mrs. Maryann Reynolds taught art at The Gilbert School from 1972 to 1994. She was a beloved faculty member, enthusiastic and devoted teacher, and influential mentor to countless students.

Maryann Reynolds - Former Faculty

From the Family of Maryann Reynolds: With great sadness we report the death of Gilbert’s much admired and respected Art Teacher, Maryann Reynolds. She left the Gilbert Family unexpectedly due to undetected pancreatic cancer. Interestingly, prior to her untimely death Maryann had been receiving letters from ex-students from around the country remembering not only the solid background in art fundamentals that she provided students but also her compassionate, nurturing, and sincere disposition in and out of the classroom. Many will remember the outstanding projects she and her students created that decorated the halls and rooms of Gilbert School for Homecoming, Graduation, and school concerts and events. Together with her husband Jack, a former member of the Gilbert English Department, Maryann took students on many cultural adventures which included major museums and Broadway plays in New York City, music concerts, as well as schooner sailing adventures off the coast of Maine. During retirement Maryann became an accomplished baker selling her goods regionally in Maine, whose quality was praised by baking instructors at King Arthur Flour. She is survived by husband Jack, daughter Maria, son Alex, four grandchildren - William, Max, Dominic, Una, and sister Rose. She is missed and will be remembered.”

Maryann Reynolds - Former Faculty

To reach out to Jack and family: 189 Meeting House Rd., Solon, ME 04979

Upon the occasion of her retirement, Dr. Robert F. Gazda, Former Headmaster of The Gilbert School had this to say about her: “Mrs. Reynolds taught at The Gilbert School for twenty-two years. I had the pleasure of working with her the two years prior to her retirement in June, 1994, and during that time, she accented herself as a dedicated, committed, and extremely capable educator. Her ability to establish and maintain a positive rapport with the wide variety of students she served helped create a classroom environment which was productive and fun! Mrs. Reynolds’ projection of a sincere and infectious enthusiasm for both art and for education in general was key to her success. Outside of class, she was always willing to extend herself to young people. Mrs. Reynolds was always first to volunteer for any duty and assignment. She interacted extremely well with the faculty and staff and often shared her astute and valuable perspectives with the administration.”

Gerri Griswold, Class of 1975 perhaps said it best: “Sad news from Maine where our beloved Gilbert School art teacher, Maryann Reynolds passed away from cancer. She was the most gentle creature, a whisper of a woman, an inspiration, a cheering squad, and a den mother to the humble, brilliant, and talented misfits that made up my posse – Steve Gauthier, Bill Heath, David Lasko and David Cuatt. She made the torture of high school less painful and a hell of a lot of fun. RIP . . . you may now spread your special kindness to those in another dimension . . . Those lucky souls.”

Thank you for your love and dedication to your colleagues and students. Rest in Peace, Mrs. Reynolds.