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Important Information about your Gilbert Trust Scholarship Application


Many students have indicated that they haven't heard back regarding their FAFSA  applications. If not, you can use the confirmation email for the FAFSA upload portion of the Trust Scholarship application. 

On the date you submitted the FAFSA, you were sent an email confirmation with a header like this one below:

From:  U.S. Department of Education <>
Date:  Tue, Jan 16, 2024 at 8:31 PM
Subject:  We’ve Received Your FAFSA Form

So, if you're unable to find that email, log into your FAFSA account and check the date you submitted the FAFSA. Then check that date in the email account you used for your FAFSA application.  It's there, or in your spam/junk/trash folder. Find the email, save it as a PDF, and use that for the FAFSA SAI portion of your scholarship application. 


The Gilbert Trust Scholarship Flyer



Memories form The W.L. Gilbert Trust Scholarship Awards 2023


The W.L. Gilbert Trust Scholarship winners on stage.
Valedictorian receiving an award
students receiving awards on Scholarship night
students receiving awards on scholarship night
Student standing near stage on scholarship night
Student at scholarship night with scholarship donors
Mr. Schroeder with scholarship recipient

Nolan Adams '23

Chloe Anglace '23

Angela Bardino '23

Adam Biraga '23

Evan Blass '21

Miranda Brennan '21

Mariah Brown '23

Allison Buncalan '23

Alexandra Cassaday '22

Cierra Church '21

Shawn Coon '23

Dylan Crowley '21

Kaitlyn Crowley '23

Elizabeth Daigle '23

Dan Danielle Dao '20

Makayla Dileo '23

Rebecca Dowling '21

Devin Fedorowicz '22

Felicity Flores '21

Gilbert Flores '21

Joshua Flores '23



Caleb Goodell '21

Mason Goodell '21

Ajla Gutic '22

Samantha Hass '22

Laila Hollis '23

Adam Jaworski '20

Emily Jaworski '23

Christopher Kolosky '23

Hayley Kolosky '23

Sydney Kolosky '20

Jazira Lapointe '23

Jason Lau '23

Jebediah Leach '23

Kyla Madore ' 22

Emilee Maguire '23

Concetto Marino '23

Maryellen Marino '20

Illiana Martinez '23

Liana Masangkay '22



Naida Anahis Matias Ortiz '22

Kimberly McCarthy '23

Kohana Mehl-McKee '23

Kaiden Munroe '23

Olivia Naticha '23

Ewan Oakes-Rogers '23

Madison Perry '21

Thomas Reeves '23

Kayla Remmey '23

Emma Schibi '23

Corey Schmidt '23

Sean Smith '20

Hayley Steeves '23

Mary Sullivan '23

Gabriella Sustache '22

Marializ Sustache '23

Carey Teixeira '23

Greyson Ursone '23

Kelsey Vetter '23