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Residency Program Housing at The Gilbert School

Gilbert Dorm

Wherever you may be joining us from, we want your stay at The Gilbert School to feel like a new family to you. Our housing accommodations offers our male and female students a recently built, two floor Residency Hall that sits on the schools beautiful serene120-acre campus. The Residency Hall is only a short five-minute walk to the front door of the school. In addition, the Hall is comfortable walking blocks to Main Street that allows students to frequent area stores, local restaurants, the town library, a bowling alley, movie theater and the local Gym called the YMCA, that is a favorite of most international students offering three exercise rooms, an Olympic swimming pool and two basketball courts.

Residential Coordinators live in the Residency Hall and provide safety and guardianship while students live on campus. They are carefully screened and are generally members of the Gilbert School staff or faculty. Our Residential Coordinators are caring, family-oriented individuals who have the student’s total well-being at heart. They provide a safe and stable environment in which students study, eat, sleep and spend time with traditional American caretakers and students from other cultures.

Common Room

The Residency Hall offers full access to community style bathrooms, showers and free laundry facilities. Wireless Internet access is also available at no additional charge to the students. The Gilbert School and the W. L. Gilbert Trust believe that in addition to having an excellent academic record, education beyond the classroom walls are critical to a student’s overall success. Learning to live with other grade level students from international countries and cultures adds to the beauty of the overall experience at Gilbert.

Gilbert Dorm Room

International students are encouraged to join one of our schools nineteen sports teams, be an integral addition to over twenty-six clubs or activities, or volunteer in the local community. In addition, each month students are provided with a “Student Happenings” calendar that shares optional excursions on Saturday afternoons that includes; trips to museums, cultural restaurants, amusement parks, shopping malls, ski areas, NBA basketball games, various schools’ events and more. By attending these options, students can truly enjoy an American experience and establish new friendships and build on their college resume.

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