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The Gilbert School was founded by  William L. Gilbert for the purpose of providing instruction "for the improvement of mankind by affording such assistance and means of educating the young as will help them to become good citizens."

Student Entrance

Therefore, our philosophy embodies the following key components:

To be concerned with the development of the entire student: his/her physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth.

◦ To prepare our students with the life skills necessary to survive, succeed and contribute to our society.

◦ To motivate students in the quest of knowledge for their entire lives.

◦ To nurture the growth of values such as respect, honesty, tolerance, and strong work ethics.

◦ To present a curriculum that will provide a challenge for students at all levels, giving all students responsibility, accountability and participation in their education.

◦ To be knowledgeable in the newest methods and trends in education, including technology, and to implement in the curriculum those programs that are responsive to the changing needs of society.