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Gilbert Trust Scholarships

The W.L. Gilbert Trust Scholarship Awards May 20, 2019

All 2018 Scholarship winners
Student receiving scholarship
Student receiving scholarship
Student receiving scholarship

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Molly Aiudi '17

Rachel Aiudi '17

Waleed Ansari '18

Krystal Bagnaschi '18

Conor Bailey '19

Jacob Battista '16

Justin Bourgoin '19

Dominique Biraga '16

Riley Brennan '16

Ali Brochu '17

Andrew Christensen '16

Ava Christensen '18

Chad Closson '18

Courtney Clough '17

Laurel Colabella '19

Abby Corso '19

Hannah Crowley '19

Byron Deily '19

Angelina De La Cruz '19

Deanna De La Cruz '17

Yongkang Colin Dou '19

Marisa Elorza '19

Alyssa Gagnon '16

Justin Gillespie '19

Cameron Goulet '16

Tymothy Gumpper '19

Joanne Harrington '16

Leon Hartley '19

Zachary Horvay-McLellan '19

William Hubbard '18

Aislinn Jamieson '19

Alexis Kacmarcik '18

Haley Kacmarcik '18

Connor Kennedy '19

Anna King '19

Zachary Kirsch '19

Jeffrey Knox '17

Brian Louis '17

Robert Madsen '19

Jacob Marchand '19

Sydney Marshall '17

Caitlyn McMillian '19

Avery Moon '17

John Oakes-Rogers '16

Augustus Pac '19

Cassius Pac '16

Karley Padin '19

Kaysie Palmer '18

Mingkai Kevin Pang '19

Eli Pasternack '19

Krisha Patel '17

Anhthy Pham '17

Isabelle Rein '16

Penelope Rein '19

Melissa Rutkowski '19

Ian Ryan '16

Devon Scherer '19

Matthew Scherer '17

Jiayi Yoyo Shang '19

Jessica Sherrod '17

Jonah Sherrod '15

Mariah Shivers '18

Ryan Sholtis '17

Alex Smith '19

Dylan Thomson '18

Ashley Tran '19

Jacob Tran '17

Tyler Tucker '19

Grace Valickis '17

Jacob Wendel '16

Elizabeth Wexler '18

Jillian Wexler '19

Cameron Williams '18

Zhantao Mervyn Yang '19

Noah Yasmer '19

The W. L. Gilbert Trust Scholarships are administered by The Gilbert School Scholarship Committee, chaired by Principal Susan Sojka. All Gilbert graduating seniors and alumni are eligible to apply.  Interested individuals may request an application from the school by calling (860) 379-8521 or download the application (PDF).

In 2018, the Trust distributed more than $130,000 in scholarships to students planning to pursue post-secondary education. These scholarships, many in place since the early 1900s, are made possible by the generosity of The Gilbert School alumni and friends. We are grateful for their support and commitment to the continued education of our students!

THE DEADLINE for submission of your application for the 2019 Scholarships is April 5, 2019.

Please mail the completed application and all required documentation to:

The Gilbert School Scholarship Committee
Attn: Ms. Sandra O'Connor
200 Williams Avenue
Winsted, CT 06098
or email to:

 To view a complete list of available scholarships (PDF). You will need to fill out the general scholarship application and provide the requested supporting materials. The Scholarship Committee decides the specific scholarship(s) for which you may be eligible. The committee reserves the right to withhold any scholarship for which a strong candidate is not found.

Applications that are late or incomplete will not be accepted.