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Current and Emeritus Trustees

Current Trustees


Thomas J. Botticelli, President

Ellen Cormier Marino, Class of 1983, Vice President

Susan Moore Belle-Isle, Class of 1970, Treasurer

Scott W. Beecher

Patricia A. Bourque

Holly Marchand Cassaday, Class of 1990

Kathleen Brady Jones, Class of 1972

Jennifer Hanson Marchand, Class of 1993

Joanne Cannavo Marzullo, Class of 1970

Tanya Mongitore

Astrid Haskins Robitaille, Class of 1989

David L. Sartirana, Class of 1978

Craig C. Schroeder

Charles Seaback, Class of 1972

Steven A. Sedlack, Class of 1960

Joseph White, Class of 2000


Trustees Emeriti


JoAnn T. Briggs

Elaine A. Fortuna

Franklin W. Hall '50

Roger W. Jones '49

Robert P. O’Connor '49