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     Head of School Greg P. Shugrue

Hello and Welcome!

It is an honor to serve as The Gilbert School’s Head of School in the picturesque Litchfield Hills here in Winsted Connecticut. The Gilbert School is a unique and wonderful 7-12 comprehensive
middle/high school.

I truly believe that educating your children is a collaborative process and it is my goal to promote that collaboration all in an effort for the benefit of the students at The Gilbert School. As we strive for excellence in our school, it is my hope that we chart our path forward in a purposeful and collaborative manner. We share in a mutual goal of providing an academically rigorous experience where all students are challenged at their level and leave The Gilbert School with fond memories and the skills and tools to be successful in their next journey. The only way for us to overcome the challenges we face in educating today’s children is to come together as a learning community and let ourselves be driven by the supposition that everything we do is not about what we teach, but about what our students learn. To do that, we must be willing to learn, grow, and evolve ourselves. There are several tenets that I strive to live and lead by they are what I call the Pillars of C.

The Pillars of 5C’s

  • Kindness/Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Consistency
  • Commitment to Excellence

We as leaders, educators, mentors, and adults must lead with kindness. It needs to be the bedrock of how we conduct ourselves. It is through leading by example that our students will see that kindness can lead the day.

No single institution more aptly serves as a symbol for a community's values than its schools. Therefore, it is incumbent upon district and school leaders to build collaborative partnerships with the community wherever possible.

Educators find their direction by collaborating with their peers to examine and analyze student work, and other data. The information gleaned from this examination and analysis is used to impact and direct future lessons for better student performance. Proud, confident, and effective educators feel directly responsible for student learning, and hold themselves accountable for their students' academic growth.

Raising and educating a child in the 21 st Century requires a collaborative partnership between the family and the school. It is imperative that students, parents, and educators are linked through common goals and effective communication.

Trust with all stakeholders is built by consistency and transparency. The school and its personnel must strive to build and maintain trust with those that they serve. It is through consistent communication, teaching practices, and approaches where we as a learning community will grow and reach our goals of educating every child and preparing them for whatever comes after life at The Gilbert School

Lastly, we as a staff are committed to excellence and providing the best education to your

I look forward to our collaborative partnership in the most important of endeavors… Educating
your child.


Greg P. Shugrue