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Budget message fiscal 2021

To: Parents and Guardians of The Gilbert School 


The Gilbert School's approved budget is fiscally responsible and maintains growth and program offerings to our students. The budget of $7,810,153 contains only one new position, a Resource Officer. To balance the budget as presented, $250,000 must be reduced and these items will have to be identified from various line items including personnel. It is our hope that an Early Retirement Incentive Plan will assist with this reduction to reach the budget goal of $7,810,153. The budget does contain $277,100 in capital projects; $175,000 of that total is for roofing projects in the first year of our developing Five Year Capital Plan. In order to keep the budget and Winchester Public Schools tuition affordable, the W. L. Gilbert School Corporation will allocate $100,000 from its Capital Sinking Fund. Revenues from gate receipts and a tuition from Hartland will also assist in keeping the Winchester tuition at the agreed upon amount of $7,179,393. 

The budget of $7,810,153 does demonstrate a 2.61 % increase, but with the application of Capital Sinking Funds, the percentage increase drops to 1.31 % and a dollar amount of $99,044. The resulting agreed upon tuition of $7,179,393 is up 3.4% and in dollar amount $236,200 based on the proportion of students enrolled at The Gilbert School in comparison to other sending districts. One sending district is The W. L. Gilbert Trust Corporation's International Program that also allows Winchester this affordable tuition. It is important to note that based on enrollment, The Winchester Public School's tuition would have gone up 2.07% and in dollar amount $144,034. The Winchester Public School's enrollment has increased to 93.53% of The Gilbert School's total enrollment. 

The Superintendents were tasked to come up with a tuition number for the Winchester Public Schools by their respective boards. Taken into consideration were budget drivers of salaries, benefits and Capital Projects. Academic programs were also identified as budget drivers. This agreed upon tuition of$7,l 79,393 between Winchester Superintendent of Schools, Melony Brady-Shanley, and myself, Superintendent of The Gilbert School, was developed over several months in meetings and phone conferences. Both of us reviewed budget needs and collaborated on spending initiatives. 

Our success in raising standardized test scores are directly correlated to our programs of academic support, enrichment classes, multiple levels of course offerings, including Advanced Placement and Honors programs. Our students are being accepted into excellent institutions of higher education. Our staff is committed to our program of studies and our budget is reflective of maintaining staff to deliver our course offerings to meet the demands of Connecticut's educational standards and graduation requirements. 

I appreciate the cooperation of Superintendent Melony Brady-Shanley in understanding the needs of The Gilbert School. Our collaboration produced a budget that supports all of our schools.

Sincerely Anthony Serio

Anthony Serio, Ed.D. 
Head of School/Superintendent