Click here to download the 2017 Scholarship Application

 W.L. Gilbert Trust Scholarships are administered by The Gilbert School and chaired by Principal Alan Strauss. All TGS graduating seniors and alumni are eligible to apply. Interested individuals may request an application from the school (860-379-8521) or download the application.


In 2016, the Trust distributed more than $130,000 in scholarships to students planning to pursue post-secondary education. These scholarships, many in place since the early 1900s, are made possible by the generosity of Gilbert alumni and friends. We are grateful for their support and commitment to the continued education of our students!


THE DEADLINE for submission of applications is April 21, 2017. 


Please mail the completed application and any required documentation to:

The Gilbert School Scholarship Committee
Attn: Ms. Sandra O'Connor
200 Williams Avenue
Winsted, CT  06098
or fax to 860-379-6163


Questions? Please call 860-379-8521 or email Ms. Sandra O'Connor:


For a complete list of available scholarships, click here. With the exception of the Locascio scholarship (essay required), you simply fill out the general scholarship application and provide the requested supporting materials. The Scholarship Committee decides the specific scholarship(s) for which you may be eligible. The committee reserves the right to withhold any scholarship for which a strong candidate is not found.


*FOR CONTINUING LOCASCIO RECIPIENTS ONLY: Please send a letter by April 21, 2017, that indicates you are continuing the same major at the same school in 2016–17. Then, as SOON as the folowing are available, please send:

1. proof of full-time enrollment in the first year and proof of continued full-time enrollment each subsequent year

2. copies of official transcripts at the end of each academic year, showing continued enrollment and maintenance of a grade point average of at least 3.0

In the event of transfer to another institution, reapplication for the Locascio scholarship by April 21, 2017, will be required in order for award continuance to be considered.


Roger Aiudi

Jaden Arcelaschi

Jacob Battista

Dominique Biraga

Riley Brennan

Megan Brewer

Kedwin Caceres

Andrew Christensen

Shae-Jon Coy

Alexis DeLacruz

Samantha Denning

Alexandra Denning

Corey DeSanti

Carly Emery

Rik Emery

Derek Fazioli

Alyssa Gagnon

Alex Goulet

Cameron Goulet

Gelson Hernandez

Moira Jamieson

Jordan Johnson

Stephen Kalpin

Meghan Kane

Sean Keleher

Devon Kulinski

Jamie LaChance

Yanyu Lexi Lin

Jordan Marchand

Jonathan Marshall

Nathan Marshall

Kyla Masangkay

Chen Sally Meng

Bailey Merritt

Jordan Moon

Forrest Neal

Olivia Ortman

Cassius Pac

Jordan Palmer

Isabella Panagakos

Bianca Pimentel

Isabelle Rein

Molly Robitaille

Kyle Root

Ian Ryan

Shanna Shotwell

Timothy Smith

Melanie Teardo

Amber Tymeson

Josie Valickis

Julie Vincent

Matthew Waldron

Tianhua Oliver Wang

Ryan Weiss

Jacob Wendel

Selena West

Collin (Lakeland) Wooley







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