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Memorial Day Poem Winners
Posted 05/10/2017 10:23AM

Congratulations to Matt Madore, winner of the Memorial Day Poem Contest, sponsored by the Soldiers' Monument Commission. Matt has been invited to read his poem, titled Valor, at the East End Park Ceremony on Memorial Day. His poem will be printed on the ceremony's brochure and will also to be placed on the commission's website: Special recognition also goes to Lena Teixeira for her second place submission and Sarah Pluff for her third place poem.

First Place: Matt Madore



A bubble in the chest

Inflated with pride

For the country whose soil

Is just a letter away

Yet is a world away as well.

Trudging through the rain.


Skin burned from the sweltering sun.


Tragically beautiful

Beautifully tragic

Ripping at our minds

Tearing at our hearts

Are the memories

Of those names

That were forgotten to time

But never forgotten to stone.

Carved in the hearts of many


It takes surmountable strength

To stand before an army


Feet firmly planted

Ready to defend all they love

Without hesitation


Through death

They live.

The soil of their home

Carries their names

The earth beneath our feet

Whispers tales of the brave

Who have passed
But never left


It takes a brave heart

It takes a sound mind

It takes immeasurable courage

To stand before the enemy

And fight until your body

Meets the earth again




And to those I say

To those that live under us

In the names engraved

In our hearts

And on the stones

Tributes to them

I say

Thank you.

To those under the flag

Those fallen yet risen

I say

You have unimaginable


Second Place: Lena Teixeira

Here I am

Worrying over

  • Grades
  • Futures
  • Social statuses

First world problems flourishing

About this that and the other thing

There you were

Worrying over

  • Fighting
  • Dying
  • Sacrifices

For me to have the problems I'm having now

And not something far, far worse

Third Place: Sara Pluff

A father of four bows his head in silence, he hears the battle before him. Yet he listens to the cries of his children, their laughter, their cries, their calling for him in the distance. He can feel the weight of his youngest as she uses his chest as a pillow and his heart beat lulls her to sleep. His family is projected like a movie on the back of his eyelids as he uses his last breath to whisper one final "I love you" hoping it was loud enough to travel thousands of miles.

A daughter. A sister. A blank stare. A deep thought. Her mind travels to her broken family, pondering whether the love for her country was the real reason. Or maybe she just needed a distraction, a purpose. She questions her decision, but knowing it's too late, she questions the future of the little boy who just maybe needed her more than Uncle Sam.

A young man. Broken. Lost. Forced. Focuses on the fearful feeling of once again disappointing his sergeant, who occasionally picks up the part time job of being his father. All those years of being scolded for reading, writing, and valuing intelligence instead of worshiping war. His final thought, as he bleeds out, is whether his father would be disappointed that his only son is scattered across the battlefield like all of those puzzles he confiscated from the once young and lively boy.

A mother of four bows her head in silence. Avoiding eye contact and the faces of her children. She doesn't want them to see her cry. She now has to be the brave parent their father once was. Even though her children are far too young to understand, they know that the reason for their father never returning was a good one. He will always be their hero and will forever live on in their hearts.

A single mother who has spent years fighting off her own Demons. A little boy who has been hurt way too many without a valid reason. Even though he's just a young child he has learned to take care of himself from watching his older sister. His heart breaks every time, knowing he'll never see her again. But he's determined to be brave and make her proud, just as she did for him.

A sergeant A father. A bottle in one hand. Dog tags in the other. He takes a sip. Then another. He tries to swallow his pride, his regret, his pain. But alcohol will do he supposes. After years of war, living, breathing, barely sleeping, each battle. This is the first time he starts to regret dedicating his life, and his only son's, to war. He wishes he could hold his son one last time, just to tell him that he is proud of him. But now the only thing left is a box full of old memories and the remains of his only bloodline.

Another overlooked holiday, We are taught from a young age to honor the fallen soldier who have died to protect us. Some people view it as another day off. An excuse to sleep on. Or even a day to honor something that they don't believe in. But regardless, it does not matter whether you believe in war, what age you are, your gender, sexual orientation, or race. We need to remember that those aren't just soldiers. Those were real people with real lives that they gave up to ensure the safety of ours. This is dedicated to every fallen soldier and their loved ones, you'll always be in our hearts.

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